How to Get Rid of Scorpions (Naturally Rid Them from Your Home)

How to get rid of scorpions has been one of the most difficult things for homeowners and tenants. Scorpions can bite your family members, cause itching and even allergic reactions.

They are a lot scarier than other pests (like bees for instance).

Using inorganic chemicals is also not recommended because of possible effects to pets and non target pests. You can use natural methods to get rid off scorpions and it can be the most assuring method with little or no negative effects.

How to Get Rid of Scorpions from Your Home

Here are some of the most effective methods you can adopt to rid off scorpions from your house. Remember to understand all sections of your house, the neighbourhood and other areas that could be harbouring scorpions.

Catch and release method

When scorpions get into your house, they are seen crawling around wet areas, sink, laundry or even shower recess among other places. The first method is catching and releasing them away from your home. Just trap the scorpion using a plastic container and then release them away from your house where they cannot easily get back.

Close cracks and openings used buy scorpions

Scorpions are very talented creatures.

They are capable of squeezing through the smallest of crevasses. That’s why it’s important to seal up your home if you’re at risk of scorpion infestation. The main way scorpions enter a house is through doors and windows.

To ensure that they don’t enter, inspect the screens to see if there are any holes or tears in them.

If there are tears, then replace the screen. Continue to inspect the door/window. Ensure that it closes all the way and there aren’t any large openings. It’s always best to make sure that scorpions can’t enter your house, that way you’ll never have to deal with an infestation.

Make sure to close cracks, holes and openings in the drain, pipes, vents, walls, windows and doors that scorpions use to get into your house. To identify all the openings and such cracks, you must carefully check and frequently maintain all parts of the house. It is also important to make sure doors and windows are covered by nets.

Use scented plants that keep off scorpions

Consider using plants with scent that make scorpions run away. Lavender has been proven scientifically to make scorpions run away. You can purchase the plant and plant it all around your home as one of the surest ways of keeping scorpions away from your house.

Scare scorpions using lavender extracts

If you cannot get the plants or a section to plant it in perimeter, it is advisable to go for lavender extracts. You can use this extract to clean the house drains, corridors, doors and other sections to keep off scorpions. Using lavender extracts will however require you to frequently apply it because the scent dies off after several days.

Pets that kill and eat scorpions

Some pets such as cats and dogs are very effective in identifying and killing scorpions. Cats are considered better because they identify and catch scorpions even from hidden sections of the house.

This is a great natural and cost effective method because cats and dogs can catch and kill the scorpions even at night when you are asleep.

Clear clutter and hiding places

Clearing scorpions hiding places will make it difficult for them to hide and expose them for easy catch by you or pets. Such places include areas around the piles of firewood, littered floors and even dirty kitchen. You must remove the clutter and make sure the places are cleaned frequently with lavender extracts.

Get Rid of Damp Areas and Water Around Your Home

Getting rid of scorpions can prove to be a bit of a challenge. However, one of the simplest ways to get scorpions out of your house is to make your house seem very unappealing to scorpions.

One thing to repel scorpions is by keeping your surfaces dry. scorpions are attracted to water, and will always dwell near some.

This is perhaps the most common sense method of “how to get rid of scorpions”

By making sure your kitchen surfaces, bathroom floor, basement, or other areas water typically dwells are dry, scorpions will naturally leave the house. However, this method could take time since there is always the possibility of the scorpions relying on a water source that you unaware of.

Scorpions Eat Other Bugs (So Get Rid of Them, too)

Scorpions are always on the lookout for a steady food source. They usually attack smaller insects like ants, cockroaches, and crickets.

To get rid of scorpions, you need to get rid of the other bugs in the house. You can do this several ways. One quick and easy way to get rid of the other bugs is by installing sticky traps around the house. This’ll trap the insects, and possibly draw the scorpions out of hiding. By eliminating the other bugs from your house, it forces scorpions to find a different place to live.

Go After Them First

Okay, this method is one that requires effort, but is the most fun.

Scorpions are creatures that tend to be active at night, so that’ll be the best time hunt them. Start off by having a reliable flashlight and thick clothes. Scorpions will typically dwell on the exterior walls of the house.

Look under bushes or in thick grass, too. Once located, there are many ways to kill them in a safe manner. You can use your shoe, however, make sure you’re wearing thick boots so they won’t be able to sting your feet. You can also trap them and release them.

Keeping Scorpions Out of Your Home

Experts argue that for greater effectiveness on how to get rid of scorpions, home owners should adopt several methods at the same time. For example, you should remove clutter, close cracks and entry points and maintain high levels of cleanliness. This will increase chances of getting, killing or deterring the scorpions from your house.

Scorpions can be both a very sneaky and dangerous creature. They typically dwell in dark areas. They can also cause damage to you and your household. Thankfully, there are many ways to exterminate these pests.

Scorpions are a nasty creature to have around the house.

However, by following these rules you shouldn’t have any problems with them. They may seem vicious and scary, but they are very easy creatures to eliminate.