How to Get Rid of Dust Mites Naturally from Your Home (14 Ways)

Having dust mites in your house can be a huge problem. They are capable of living bed linen, and developing colonies throughout dust clumps. There are many ways that you can get rid of these nasty creatures. But figuring out how to get rid of dust mites can be tricky.

These mites are very small living organisms that feed on shed flakes of the human skin. They are commonly found on furniture, mattresses, pillows, bed-covers, clothes and other fabric-coated materials.

There are several types of mites including; spider mites. Getting rid of them isn’t a fun task, but it’s also not too hard.

These pests are definitely not like a mammal (e.g. a bat), or even another insect (like crickets).

Nevertheless, various easy ways on how to get rid of dust mites are readily available. These methods should be followed and learned to assure successful removal of dust mites from your home. Dust mites want to live in environments that have a supply of skin flakes or pet dander, moisture and warmth.

These are the factors that we will focus on to get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Your House

Number 1: Vacuum the entire home

When dust mites occupy a house dust, feces, skin, and additional allergens flourish in a building. One of the easiest ways to get rid of these is by vacuuming the building thoroughly. It is very helpful to apply a HEPA filter to the vacuum that you are using. The filter will provide a more efficient cleaning process. By vacuuming the house, it’ll eliminate dust mites, their feces, dust, and skin.

Number 2: Dust and clean with rag and polish

The reason why dust mites have their name is because they feed off dust. Dust mites tend to find nutrition in the dead skin inside of the dust. Using a wet rag will rid your house of the dust, causing the dust mites to die. Use lukewarm water to damp the rag. By wetting the rag it’ll grab onto the dust particles more efficiently and decrease the chances of spreading germs. To guarantee the elimination of all the dust mites, you must dust the entire house. Specifically focus on dusting shelves, tables, counters, lamp shades, and chandeliers. To remove dust mites from your house, it’s important to cut off their food source.

Number 3: Wash items along with cleaning efforts

When dust mites are inhabiting a house, it’s important to wash all fabric items in the house. This includes items like clothes, bed sheets, pillowcases, stuffed animals, decorative blankets, and even placemats. Once the items are placed in the washed turn the water temperature to hot. Then place the items in the dryer on high heat. This should kill all dust mites in the materials.

Number 4: Keep the house cool

Dust mites love the heat. They thrive in hot, humid temperatures. So, if you have your thermostat set to the cooler side, it’ll drive the dust mites out. Usually dust mites like to live in temperatures between 75 and 80F (About 24-27C). To drive out the dust mites, set your thermostat 70F (21C) or cooler in the winter. In the summer, it’ll probably be hard to keep the house this cold. So, instead of blasting the AC all summer just keep the windows open and the fans on. Dust mites hate air flow; it doesn’t let the dust settle well.

Number 5: Use a Dehumidifier to remove mites

Dust mites have the capacity to thrive in highly humid environments, they are almost even worst on coastal areas. Therefore, always maintain a relative humidity of less than 50%. Although low levels of humidity may cause discomfort to some people, Dust mites die at 35% humidity level.

Number 6: Wash bedding and blankets regularly

Using hot water, preferably 130-140°F, regularly wash beddings and blankets to lessen the propagation and return of dust mites. Doing it regularly like once a week will take the dust mites off. Stuffed toys also need to be washed regularly.

Number 7. Freeze stuffed animals, non-washable bedding, and pillows

For those that cannot be washed using hot water, freezing is the next best option. Placing these things in a large plastic bag, or individual bags, and putting it in the freezer for 48 hours would kill off the dust mites. Remove the oxygen in the bag as much as possible and shake them outside in a vigorous manner after being removed from the freezer.

Number 8. Use allergen-proof covers

Encasing mattresses and pillows with dust and allergen impermeable covers would reduce a significant number of dust mites. This should be done with proper laundering, vacuuming and steam-cleaning.

Number 9: Steam clean carpets and other household items

This method lessens the dust mite population and also reduces the possibility of population growth.

Number 10: Lessen pet dander

Get rid of pet dander by brushing your pets daily outside of their home and use strokes that would cover the whole body of pets. Vacuuming on areas where pets frequently stay would also reduce pet dander and the dust mites’ population.

Number 11: Hang bedding in direct sunlight

Direct sunlight kills dust mites, but be wary of outside allergens that may be collected while hanging the bedding.

Number 12: Replace wall-to-wall carpets

Using carpets over concrete floors generate moisture and humidity. Replace carpets with hard floors or even wool to lessen moisture.

Number 13: Clean regularly

The average shedding of skin of humans is enough to feed millions of dust mites, always maintain a frequent schedule of cleaning. Use damp cloth and micro-fiber dusters in areas where dust tend to accumulate.

Number 14: If all else fail, call for professional help

There are many professionals who are experts in removing dust mites from people’s homes. They use safe and specially formulated chemicals, light and heat to kill dust mites. They know different ways and tactics on how to get rid of dust mites and are experienced to do so.

Dust mites are terrible creatures to live with. By working towards eliminating all of them in the house, you’ll feel better, breathe easier, and be much more comfortable in your home.