How to Get Rid of Crickets (and Keep them Out—Naturally)

Learning how to get rid of crickets in your house is very important for your sanity. How? Getting rid of crickets can help you sleep better (i.e. the noise will stop).

Doing so will save you numerous sleepless nights. If there is one thing that is very irritating is the sound of crickets coming from your house—or even your bedroom.

Some crickets are brown and some are black but all should not be welcomed inside your house. Even though they are harmless when in small numbers (unlike other creatures), they are often dangerous when they reproduce.

Not to mention there are several types. You’ve got:

Unfortunately, no matter what kind of crickets you have to get rid of, they can be tricky insects to get out of the house naturally.

They sneak into house through the smallest of cracks, they eat a wide variety of food, and they can hop away very quickly. But don’t fret! There are many ways to prevent a Cricket infestation.

They can damage many things like, walls, furniture, clothes among many others items around the home. Knowing how to control and prevent crickets is something worth learning. Below are some of the measures on how to do away with of crickets.

Did You Know: People actually eat crickets? Seriously, it’s a snack that’s gaining a lot of traction.

How Do You Get Rid of Crickets in Your House?

Crickets are pests just like any other, and therefore they should not be allowed to enter into our homes.

Sometimes, they enter into a house to look for shelter or they accidentally hop through the window, door or any other opening. Since they love warmth, kitchens are some of the best places for grasshoppers to find warmth.

There are various ways you can use to control crickets and other hopping bugs from taking over. Here are several of our best tips.

Use Cricket Bate to Get Crickets Out of Your Home

One way is using sprays or cricket bait.

One of the main reasons Crickets ventures into a house is to find food. Since they’re always on the lookout for food it’s easy to lure them with Cricket bait.

The recipe for homemade Cricket bait is very easy. Take about a quarter cup of molasses in a bowl and will the bowl halfway up with water.

Once ready, place the bowl where most the Crickets are. The smell of the molasses will attract the Crickets to the bowl. When the Crickets are in the bowl, they’ll be stuck in there. You can easily refill the bowl once there begins to be too many Crickets in it.

Make sure to get rid of crickets hiding in corners and cracks using a natural spray or by putting the bait where they hang out.

The bait can be found in many hardware stores, or on Amazon. However, you are advised to ensure your family and your pets do not go near the bait since it is can be dangerous for them (even if natural).

Use Sticky Traps for Removing Crickets

Another method used to trap the crickets is sticky glue. This is perhaps the best method to use in house with children and pets.

Sticky traps are a great way to catch Crickets.

The smell of the trap lures the Crickets to its center. Once the Crickets are on the mat, they’re stuck to it. Most of the sticky traps are non-toxic, and are natural. But it’s always best to check the label first. This tactic is one of the simpler ways to catching Crickets, and it’s also fairly cheap.

You only need to place the glue traps in affected areas such as walls, doorways or windows. The trap should also be closer to the heat and moisture areas so that it can attract many trespassing crickets.

Make Sure to Get Rid of Cricket Eggs

Another important method to control cricket population is by removing their eggs. Crickets eggs are mainly found in the house and therefore they should be removed to avoid them multiplying inside the house.

Bottom Line: You can’t know how to get rid of a cricket without removing the eggs.

Although sticky traps are a great way to catching live Crickets, they won’t eliminate the eggs that the Crickets lay around the house.

One of the simplest ways to removing the eggs is vacuuming. When vacuuming, it’s most efficient to use a HEPA filter. This filter will dig deep within the carpet, finding the eggs buried there are sucking them up.

Most of the eggs Crickets lay are in the carpet, or other soft places around the house. Once finished vacuuming, empty the container into a bag then tie the bag shut.

Here’s a picture of a cricket egg from

You can vacuum the affected area using a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner should do a decent job of pulling the cricket eggs from the carpet.

Keeping Crickets Out of Your House

After getting control of the bugs inside your house (by figuring out how to get rid of crickets)—you need to prevent them from re- entering your house.

Obviously, crickets can only be in your house if there is an entry point and they will only survive if the condition in the house allow them to thrive.

Seal the Doors (and Windows)

One method of cricket prevention is to seal any potential entry available to grasshoppers and crickets.

Crickets can get into a house through the smallest crevasses.

To prevent a Cricket infestation, you should seal your house well. Particularly pay attention to sealing windows and door frames. If you have a basement, that is going to be a huge area.

These are where Crickets get into houses the most. Also, windows should have screens on them. Crickets will have a much harder time surviving in your house if they can’t even get it.

Points such as cracks found in foundation or gaps around doors and windows should be sealed properly.

Take Care of Your Trash

To not only get Crickets out of your house, but also off your property, you should seal your trash off. Trash cans should be adequately away from doors and other entry points, too.

Crickets love to breed in the garbage, there’s lots of food and protection there. Too seal off your trash you need to tie the trash bags in a knot and place them in the can with the lid shut. That we Crickets won’t be attracted to the smell of the garbage.

The smell from the trash can easily attract crickets.

Covering up the trash outside the house in a sealed bag or container will not let the crickets breed. You should also keep the vegetation in your compound short.

Keep Your Lawn Under Control

Trim all the plants and mow your lawn since crickets build their nests in tall vegetation. If this is allowed, it’s only a matter of time before they start coming into your house. It’s just as important to know how to get rid of crickets outside your house.

You should also keep the vegetation in your yard short.

Now You Know How to Get Rid of Crickets

These noisy pests are a challenging nemesis when it comes to home infestations, but they aren’t impossible to remove. If you follow these guidelines, then you know how to get rid of crickets and they should be out of your house in no time!