How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees (Naturally Rid Your Home)

Controlling any type of bee can be a really tricky affair. Figuring out how to get rid of carpenter bees is an entirely different experience. It’s a bit more difficult than, say, crickets. Or any other insect without a stinger!

These bees acquired the name mostly since they burrow through wood with the aim of building their nests in them. Even though carpenter bees do not sting, they can be a big nuisance.

They produce a lot of noise which can really be disturbing particularly if they find their way into your backyard. Carpenter bees almost resemble the most commonly known bumble bee however they do not have yellow markings.

This species of bees mostly irritates homeowners since they prefer to settle around homes, under eaves, inside fence posts including other exterior sections of a home where they can easily burrow, build their nests and lay eggs. Below are methods detailing how to get rid of carpenter bees.

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

The method you pick for getting rid of these annoying insects from your home will largely depend on the infestation levels as well as the method you are most comfortable with in dealing with the problem.

Some people also prefer to call in professionals to get the job done.

Vacuuming to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

Using a vacuum (like a shop vac) is a method you can apply in getting rid of carpenter bees.

It’s is an effective and simple way of carrying out pest control which can also be applied in getting rid of carpenter bees from your property.

This method works best in situations where nests built by the bees are still new because they contain fewer bees when compared to a fully built nest. This therefore makes the extermination exercise using this method an effortless endeavor.

Vacuuming of the nests should best be done in the evening and not during the day. Such a time is considered the best since the bees will have returned and they are most docile then. Furthermore, you will be safer performing the procedure in the evening since the bees will be less active then.

To remove the bees by the vacuum method, you just need to use the house vacuum that has a nozzle attached to it. Proceed by pointing the nozzle directly into the entrance of the nests then switch on the machine and within a couple of seconds, all the bees will be sucked out. The bag should be tied tightly before it is disposed off in the garbage.

Use Treated Lumber to Keep Bees Out of Your Wood

You can also prevent the bees from setting up their nests within your residence.

One of the methods involves making sure only treated hard wood is used for the structures around the home.

Carpenter bees usually look for soft wood that is not treated. Use woods like maple or oak. This brilliant idea as you would not have to deal with carpenter bees again.

Trap Them (Caution Female Carpenter Bees Have Stingers)

If you are seeking an effective method of how to get rid of carpenter bees, then trapping is another method which will prove really effective. Be careful, even though the don’t sting often, the females have stingers.

This is easily done by blocking the entrance of their burrows using caulking. Doing this will prevent them from exiting the nests. Paint the entrance of the burrows as this will prevent formation of new galleries.

Carpenter bees are very annoying bugs that can ruin a house. They burrow into wooden objects and use it as a place to live. Having these bugs in a house is not very safe. They can destroy the wooden structures in the house and sting people. Thankfully, there are many ways to get rid of these aggravating insects.

Make Loud Noises to Remove Carpenter Bees

These bugs are sensitive when they are dwelling in the wood. The easiest way to draw the bees out, is by making loud noises. Grab your Bose speakers and turn up the jams! It’ll shake the wood, causing the bees to fly out of their homes.

Hit Them with a Large Racket or Bee “Swatter” 

Carpenter bees fly around in the springtime looking for holes in wood to lay their eggs. While they’re flying around, it’s prime time to get rid of these bugs before they settle down in your home.

Carpenter bees are capable of hovering. They tend to hover when searching for holes in the wood. This is a perfect time to swat them. To hit these bugs, you can use a tennis racket or a rolled-up newspaper. However, you must be sure to be cautious, the bees might attempt to fight back.

Prevent Carpenter Bees by Plugging Holes

It’s always better to get rid of carpenter bees before they have time to lay their eggs. In late April, it’s helpful to plug the holes in the wood around your house. It’s best to use steel wool to plug these holes.

Carpenter bees are not strong enough to burrow through the wool, causing them to be trapped outside of their nest.

Eventually, the bees will move on, looking for a new home elsewhere. After the bees have left, patch up the holes with wood putty. Once the putty is dry, it’s very helpful to stain the wood. The stain on the wood will make the patches’ color the same as the wood.

Spray Common Areas with Citrus Spray

It’s helpful to spray the holes with a homemade citrus based spray (made from essential oils and vinegar if possible).

Or, to make a natural spray, cut up an orange, a lemon, a lime, and a grapefruit. Place the slices in a half-filled pot of water, and boil it. Once the water is hot, pour it into a spray bottle.

Bees are naturally opposed to citrus smells, so the spray will cause the bees to fly away and look for somewhere else to live. Also, if you don’t like the using citrus spray there’s another option.

Almond oil is just as effective as the citrus spray. Take the Almond oil and wipe it across the surface of where the bees are nesting. You don’t have to get too close, but as least close enough to where the bees can smell it. The smell will make the bees opposed to the area, and flee.

Carpenter bees are very aggravating creatures, yet they’re very easy to get rid of. By turning up the music, swatting them, plugging holes, or spraying them, you will get rid of carpenter bees in no time!

Consider using any of these methods since they are effective for ridding of carpenter bees from your property.